禹重科技®作为Thermo ScienceTM(赛默飞)、DIONEXTM(戴安)、JEOL(日本电子)和METTLERTM(梅特勒)等品牌的核心代理商,依托(香港)亚测科技有限公司(Amicrotest Technology Limited , Hong Kong),将世界级的分析测试前沿技术和产品带给国内客户,为高校、科研院所、政府机构以及各类企业的研发和质量控制等实验室,提供成分多彩网、表面多彩网、物理性能测试仪器以及样品前处理仪器等综合测试方案,同时提供仪器配套设备、标准样品、实验室耗材的销售、测试和计量检定咨询等综合性服务。



Shanghai Uzong Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Uzonglab”) is a high-tech company engaged in the construction of imported instruments and the whole laboratory for the service of the Chinese market. It has three business divisions and one center, namely the Instrument Business. Department, Consumables Department, Project Development Department, and Sino-Uzong Joint Testing Technology Center. In addition to the Shanghai headquarters, we have established branches in Beijing, Shenyang, Taiyuan, Changsha, Guangzhou, Qingdao and Chengdu. Providing customers with more professional, safer and more convenient products and services is the only goal of our company.

Uzonglab is the core agent of brands such as Thermo ScienceTM, DIONEXTM, JEOL and METTLERTM, relying on Amicrotest Technology Limited, (Hong Kong), bringing world-class analytical testing technology and products to domestic customers, providing component analysis instruments and surface analysis for laboratories, research institutes, government agencies, and research and development and quality control laboratories of various enterprises. Comprehensive testing programs such as instruments, physical performance testing instruments and sample pretreatment instruments, as well as comprehensive services such as instrument supporting equipment, standard samples, laboratory consumables sales, testing and metrological verification consulting.

From the development of metallurgical foundry and functional materials, the upgrading of shipbuilding and petrochemical equipment, to the reliability testing of automotive parts and electronic and electrical appliances, the continuous improvement of environmental testing and the quality of industrial products, Uzonglab is available to customers in all walks of life. A number of laboratory integrated solutions. With the implementation of the national “Belt and Road” construction and strategic planning for scientific and technological innovation, the analysis and testing technology and analytical instrument products that contribute to the “One Belt and One Road” construction and technological innovation in all walks of life will be the focus of our future attention.

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